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Studio Classes

Studio Class Schedule & Descriptions


All Classes are held at the

MTC Studio, 5 W. Main Street, Moorestown

Acting (Mark Morgan):

Music (Carol Ann Murray):  

Dance (Kelly Peterson):



Group Audition Prep (Ages 10 and Up, including Adults):

Not offered at this time.

These Group Audition Prep Classes will focus on selecting, preparing, rehearsing, and presenting monologues and songs for school and community theater auditions.  This class can include middle school, high school, and college students, as well as adults.  A minimum of four students are needed for this class to be held.


Improv with Wine (Ages 21 & Up):

These Improv Classes will focus on various improvisational games and scenes to have students create material 'on the spot' (think the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?").  A minimum of four students are needed for this class to be held, and students are welcome to bring their own 'liquid courage' to each class.

Beginner Improv

This Beginner class allows your young actor to enjoy the feeling of trying something new and making new friends.  Students will be introduced to theatrical concepts including character development, play production, and performance by exploring various theater games, improvisation skits, and scene work from children’s musicals in this fun and exciting class.


Intermediate Improv:

This Intermediate class allows young actors to explore all the magic and mysteries in an actor's toolbox during this skills and techniques class.  Students will develop their acting skills by working on core elements of theater: improvisation, ensemble making, vocalization, movement, and creativity. Students will discover what makes a good actor great.  This class is a complete theater experience that includes warm-up theater games and acting exercises, with an emphasis on building collaborative and communication skills.


Advanced Improv:

This Advanced class starts with improvisations and moves into work on scenes. Actors will discover how to use their experiences and imagination to create a character in a musical or play.  In an atmosphere of creativity and self-discovery, students will come to understand and experience the level of preparation and discipline you will need to move forward to the next level in the theater.  We’ll also work on how to prepare for auditions and cold readings.


Intro To Musical Theater For Voice:  Intro to Musical Theater for Voice is a warm and welcoming introduction to musical theater and to the studio environment. This class will teach musical theater skills, elementary music theory through singing. This class will focus on the music from Seussical The Musical. A performance piece will be shared with families at the end of
the session. 
Required Attire: Activewear and Sneakers/Jazz Shoes


Group Voice Lessons:  This class will learn music theory and enjoy amusing warm-ups. This class will work on solo and group musicianship skills, music theory, learning harmony, and character building through song. This group will work music from Encanto and Moana. A performance piece will be shared with families at the end of the session. 

Required Attire: Activewear and Sneakers/Jazz Shoes

MTC Vocal Ensemble:  A new offering by the Moorestown Theater Company, this will provide solo and group vocal training for teens. This class will work on solo and group musicianship skills, music theory, learning harmony,  and character building through song. This group will work on music from Contemporary Broadway and will provide a session ending performance for families. This Ensemble will have  opportunities to perform for the public.
Required Attire: Activewear and Sneakers




Adult Jazz (Ages 18 & Up)

Led by Ms. Kelly Peterson, this Adult Jazz Dance Class will provide attendees with a fun, safe, stress and judgment-free learning experience. We will explore the basics of jazz movement through terminology, sequencing, and choreography. Class will begin with an easy, dynamic warm-up incorporating stretching, across-the-floor work, and a celebratory jazz dance combination with an emphasis on rhythmic complexity and dynamic performance.


Adult Tap (Ages 18 & Up)

Led by Ms. Kelly Peterson, this Adult Tap Dance class will provide attendees with a fun, safe, stress and judgment-free learning experience. We will focus on proper tap dance technique and foundational steps, culminating in a choreographed tap dance combination that anyone can use to show off their skills. Attendees will learn that a tap dancer is a percussionist and a dancer and that the craft of tap dancing, although not as prominent today, will never go out of style.

Beginner Ballet (6-12)

Students will be introduced to the global classical dance form of ballet (a beginning-level study). Students will have a clear understanding of basic ballet movements and the principles that support it. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence. 


Beginner Jazz & Tap (6-12)

Students will learn the upbeat and fun styles of Jazz and Tap. Jazz is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movements. Tap is all about making music with your feet while performing rhythmic tap moves. Dancers will develop flexibility, strength, and proper jazz and tap technique.


Musical Theater (6-8)

Students will be introduced to Musical Theater, learning basic terminology, dance fundamentals, and performer and audience etiquette. Students will enjoy creative movement, sing-along opportunities, and a variety of dance games, to help build skills including coordination, balance, and following instructions.


Musical Theater (9-12)

Musical Theater class focuses on Broadway-style dance while encouraging singing to a track. Dancers will dive into their dancing, singing, and acting skills as well as learn about different Broadway musicals. This class aims to help students develop self-confidence, performance quality, and strong dance technique.


Beginner Hip Hop (6-12)

Hip hop class infuses various styles of street dancing, including breaking, popping, and locking. Dancers will work on developing strength, stamina, balance, and coordination to successfully perform hip hop moves and skills. Students will grasp the fundamentals of hip hop using age-appropriate movements.


Newsies Prep Tap (6-12)

This class will feature choreography danced to musical hits from Newsies and emphasis will be placed on performing competently the key features of tap dancing (shuffle, flap, scuff, ball change, cramp roll, buffalo, pull back, wing, time steps, etc.). Learners will develop both technical skills and performance skills within the tap genre. 

Want to write a play, but don’t know where to start? Not a problem. Explore the world of playwriting with South Jersey-based producing playwright and Dramatists Guild member Amber Kusching. This class will be full of inspiration and writing prompts, sure to get your creative juices flowing. We will focus on the elements of writing plays, including structure and character analysis, culminating in the creation of monologues, scenes, one-minute plays, and 10-minute plays. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will read scripts, write scripts, and will ultimately have the opportunity to hear their original works read aloud by local actors.



  • Defining a play and a playwright

  • Difference between a scene and a short play

  • Reading and analyzing a scene

  • Exploring character development

  • Students will create a scene between two characters



  • Students will write a realistic scene

  • Students will write a scene that is surrealistic, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.



  • Students will be provided an image and will create a scene based on the image

  • Students will be provided a prop and will create a scene based on the prop



  • Defining a one-minute play

  • Reading examples of one-minute plays

  • Writing one-minute plays



  • Students will free-write about something they are passionate about

  • What makes up a monologue

  • Reading examples of monologues

  • Students will write a monologue



  • Reading examples of 10-minute plays

  • Character development for characters for a 10-minute play

  • Finding inspiration- students will brainstorm a conflict for their play



  • Students will begin writing their 10-minute play



  • Final draft- students will finish writing and revising their 10-minute play

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