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  • Do you get paid to be in MTC shows?
    No, there is a registration fee that is required from all participants in order to receive production resources like scripts, librettos, and cast shirts. The fee is based on the type of production (Full musical, Junior musical, etc.) and the length of the rehearsal time. All participants need to pay in full before auditioning. MTC never cuts anyone, so once registered, you are in the show. There are no refunds if you choose to leave the production due to casting.
  • How do I register myself or someone else for the show?
    Registration forms form each show will be posted to the MTC website. Currently there is a new form for each production, but we are moving toward a centralized database which will allow you to “Purchase” a production from our virtual store. We hope to have this in place in the near future.
  • How do I register for classes or private lessons?
    Forms for classes and private lessons are on the MTC website. The Performing Arts Studio Class Form is updated with the new classes each season classes are offered.(Winter, Spring, and Fall). Private Lessons are offered all year.
  • How do I register my child for Summer Stage?
    Registration Forms for Summer Stage (MTC’s Summer Musical Theater Camp) are posted to the MTC website when they become available. MTC offers a discounted early-bird registration fee, available from December through January, for the following Summer Stage sessions.
  • How does the daily summer camp day go?
    Every day starts with morning announcements. On day one students will learn audition material before lunch and audition after lunch. The rest of the session they will spend the morning and afternoon rehearsing for the show that they perform during the final week of the session. Students will take breaks from rehearsal to learn theater exercises and games to improve their overall skills. We do not provide breakfast or lunch, but we do break for snack every day around 2:30pm or 3:00pm and provide pretzels, ice pops, and other treats. The day ends at 4:00pm but staff stays until 5:00pm to make sure everyone is picked up.
  • Is my child still in the production if they are not cast in a lead role?
    Yes, every camper is in all performances of the Summer Stage musical they have registered for. MTC never cuts anyone from a show. Campers do not have to audition to be in the show ensemble, however, we encourage all campers to audition to get more experience auditioning.
  • Do you have to take studio classes to audition to be in shows?
    No, lessons are not a requirement to audition for a show. Anyone can register for any production that we do as long as they are within the specified age range and can commit to the rehearsal/performance schedule.
  • Do you have to audition to be in the ensemble?
    No, we never cut anyone. So anybody who wants to be in the show simply has to register and pay the fee. But we do encourage young students to still audition, as it is good experience for future productions.
  • Do I have to audition to get a lead role?
    Yes, leads will be selected after auditions and callbacks for each production. Sometimes there will be specific auditions and callbacks for dancing, reading, or singing.
  • How do I purchase tickets?
    Tickets are sold online on the MTC website and at the door for each production.
  • What payment methods does MTC use?
    Credit cards must be used for all online transactions. If tickets are purchased at the door for a production, we can accept cash, checks, credit cards, Venmo and Paypal.
  • Do actors have to provide their own costumes?
    Not normally! We handle costume fittings during the rehearsal process and provide costumes for most parts. Actors are usually only asked to bring personal costume pieces such as undershirts, underwear, tights, socks, or shoes. But we will send out a costume plot to outline what each actor needs for each character and scene.

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