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JTF '25 Alice In Wonderland, JR Audition Information


Auditions for Moorestown Theater Company’s Junior Theater Festival 2025 production of 

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR. will take place on August 11th at First Methodist Church (446 E. Camden Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057).


As this is a new process, and we will have many rehearsals before heading to Atlanta, and to JTF, there is a new registration requirement for this production.  This registration component/fee is in addition to the JTF Festival/Travel fees.  Before signing up for an Audition time slot, please register and pay in full for this production. The registration form can be found here.

Vocal auditions will take place from 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM.  Please sign up for one 3-minute slot within that time frame.  Vocal Audition Sign-Ups can be found here.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your time slot.  After your vocal audition is over, actors are welcome to leave the building and come back for the dance audition at 8:15 PM, or stay until the dance audition begins.


All actors must fill out the actor agreement prior to auditioning.  The actor agreement can be found here.


The audition material is divided into folders by character.  In each folder, you will find sheet music for each character’s audition song as well as vocal tracks and the instrumental tracks that will be used during the audition.  The casting team would prefer that the vocal audition songs be memorized so that actors can begin to make choices as they act through the songs they are auditioning with.  Due to the nature of Alice, the casting team will be looking for bold, character-driven auditions.  A link to the full Alice script that our JTF cut is based on can be found here and used for reference. 


Actors should familiarize themselves with all of the audition songs in addition to the one that they prepare for their vocal audition.  Actors may be asked to sing an additional song during their vocal audition time slot.  All of the audition materials, including a character breakdown for the JTF cut, can be found at this linkOther actor materials such as the JTF ‘25 Script can be found at this link. 


Audition Songs

  • Alice & Small Alice: “In a World of My Own” (p.7 - 9 // measures 22 - 46)

  • Queen & King of Hearts: “Painting the Roses Red (Reprise)” (p.80 - 82 // measures 15 - 27 into measures 38 - 55)

  • Mad Hatter, March Hare, All Other Lead & Ensemble Roles: “The Unbirthday Song (Part 2)” (p.66 // measures 8 - 26)


The dance audition will be from 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM.  Some actors may be asked to stay for callbacks immediately following the dance audition.


The callbacks will begin at 9:15 PM and will end by 10 PM.  Actors should keep their schedules open until 10 PM in case they are called back.


Actors who are not called back will be free to leave at 9:15 PM but are welcome to stay in the holding room until 10 PM if they are waiting to be picked up. 


Actors should bring dance shoes/attire (comfortable clothes to move in), an MTC audition form (click here to download; which should have a headshot attached, and a resume attached if desired), and water.  If you cannot attend the auditions in person, please send a video of your audition song to and by August 11th at 12 PM (preferably via an unlisted YouTube link). Actors will not be penalized in any way for submitting a video audition.

The production team cannot wait to see your work.  Feel free to reach out to Co-Directors Aren Duffy (, Abi Sanie (, and Choreographer Jared Jefferson ( with any questions regarding auditions. 


Break a leg!

Aren, Abi, & Jared

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