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Session III - SpongeBob YE.

Dear SpongeBob Cast and Family,

Hello! We are looking forward to welcoming you to camp on Monday morning at 9:00. I am inviting you to our SpongeBob Audition Folder. In this folder you will find audition materials for 7 characters. Each sub-folder has audition sheet music and a vocal track for your audition preparation. Instrumental tracks will be loaded tonight. We will audition using the instrumental tracks. Auditions will take place on Monday morning, our first day of camp.

Please choose a song, even if you don't really want a lead. It is helpful for the directing team to see everyone's ability. However, you are not required to audition, and everyone will be a cast member and will perform.

After some welcome activity on Monday morning, our current plan is to run all of our vocal auditions and then move on to the dance audition. We will run our vocal auditions in groups by song. Each group will review the song once or twice and then each individual camper will audition. If callbacks are required, they will happen after lunch. Our goal is to cast the show by the end of the day on Monday.


Krabs - “Daddy Knows Best” Measures 1 to 22


Patrick - “Super Sea Star Savior” Measures 53 to 88 


Pearl - “Daddy Knows Best” Measures 24 to 39


Plankton - “ When the Going Gets Tough, (Part 1)” Measures 37 to 53


Sandy - “ Bikini Bottom Day (Part 2) Measures 6 to 36


SpongeBob - “Just A Simple Sponge” Measures 11 to 28


Squidward - “I’m Not A Loser” Measures 74 to 93

Here is the link to the Audition Folder Again.

We still have a few openings if you have siblings or friends who want to join us for this fun quirky show.

Looking forward to working with you all,

Jack Morgan, Director

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