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Session III - Willy Wonka, JR.

Hello, Cast of Willy Wonka JR.! 

My name is Mr. Jahleel (Johnson) and I am the Director of this wonderful show. The rest of the Production Team consists of Ms. Juliannna (Banfe), our Vocal Director and Ms. Brielle (Olivieri) our choreographer.


We eagerly anticipate meeting you all during auditions and working alongside you on this upcoming journey. 

You will find everything you need in the Audition Folder.

Within the Audition Sheet Music Folder you will find Marked-up Sheet music indicating the measures you will sing for the specific characters.

You can find tracks to listen to in the Audition Tracks Folder.


If you don’t want to audition for a Lead or Supporting role you do not have to sing. There will be two audition days. The first will be on this Saturday, the 13th from 6:30-9:30. During this time you will have 7 minutes allotted for your singing audition. From 8:16-8:56 pm, we will pause our singing auditions for our dance call. During this time you will be taught and will perform a brief section of choreography from the show. When this is over we will continue the rest of our singing auditions from 8:59-9:30. 

If you want to audition on Saturday, please sign up for a slot by clicking here

All auditionees who sign up for a Vocal audition on the 13th should attend the dance audition on the same day. 

Those who choose to audition on Monday do not need to sign up for an audition slot. 


If you have any questions regarding the Audition Process, please email Mr. Jahleel at

Break Legs and we can't wait to meet everyone,

Mr. Jahleel - Director 

Ms. Julianna - Vocal Director 

Ms. Brielle - Choreographer

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