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The Moorestown Theater Company


Participation Fee is $395 per week, for a total of $1,185  per Three-Week Session.

A one-time, annual $50 Registration Fee is also required.

Contact MTC at (856) 778-8357 or email
if you have any questions about this form. 

General Requirements:

Children with disabilities between the ages of 10 and 21

Medical Release:  

All Cast Members are expected to follow all COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines during rehearsals / performances, including having their temperature taken before entering the rehearsal space and wearing a face mask or face shield. Therefore, I release and hold harmless the Moorestown Theater Company, Inc. (MTC), and any of its officers, trustees, and/or staff, of any and all liability for any injuries or damages to me or my child, as a result of any function, rehearsal, or performance.  Furthermore, all participants are physically fit (except as noted below) to participate in a theatrical production.  I hereby authorize MTC to act for me in a medical emergency in the event that I cannot be immediately contacted.  I also hereby assume responsibility for payment of any treatment.


Media Disclaimer:  

I will allow my name and photo and/or names and photos of my family to be used for promotional purposes, to be printed in the production’s program, and/or to be posted on the MTC website.


Please fill out the following form in order to participate in this production.

Please answer the following six questions if your child is an Actor.  Mentors can skip to participant address.
Participant's Primary Address
If you are registering more than one participant, please only fill the information below once.
Primary Caregivers Contact Info
Secondary Caregiver's / Emergency Contact information
Support MTC
If you like what MTC does, and agree that our goal to be the theater company “where families have fun performing musical theater together” is important, then please consider supporting MTC  by making a donation. The beauty of making a cash gift is that it can never be the wrong size or color!  Your gift to MTC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is tax-deductible.  Your name will be listed in our "Broadway Circle Of Friends" in all of our show Programs and in our Annual Report.

Thanks for submitting!

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