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Studio Classes

Winter / Spring Studio Classes



Two actors holding scripts and reading through a scene

Beginner Improv

This Beginner class allows your young actor to enjoy the feeling of trying something new and making new friends.  Students will be introduced to theatrical concepts including character development, play production, and performance by exploring various theater games, improvisation skits, and scene work from children’s musicals in this fun and exciting class.


Intermediate Improv:

This Intermediate class allows young actors to explore all the magic and mysteries in an actor's toolbox during this skills and techniques class.  Students will develop their acting skills by working on core elements of theater: improvisation, ensemble making, vocalization, movement, and creativity. Students will discover what makes a good actor great.  This class is a complete theater experience that includes warm-up theater games and acting exercises, with an emphasis on building collaborative and communication skills.


Advanced Improv:

This Advanced class starts with improvisations and moves into work on scenes. Actors will discover how to use their experiences and imagination to create a character in a musical or play.  In an atmosphere of creativity and self-discovery, students will come to understand and experience the level of preparation and discipline you will need to move forward to the next level in the theater.  We’ll also work on how to prepare for auditions and cold readings.

Improv and Wine:

This class will feature Improv games for adults 21 and above (who are welcome to bring your own wine to lessen your nerves and increase your fearlessness).  This class is a great way to have fun AND improve both your self-confidence and your public speaking skills.



All classes may not be offered each session.
Descriptions are for information only.

Dancers doing a pre-class warm up exercise

Dance is an integral part of musical theater. It is important for actors and singers to have some kind of movement experience. It's even better when they are triple threats! Movement helps to create characters and portray emotions. The more tools you have in your arsenal, the easier to get cast. Keeping up your dance training will maintain your strength, endurance and flexibility, build strong technique and vocabulary, and keep you on the path to expand your skills to a more advanced level.

 PLEASE NOTE: Our dance classes are based on experience, NOT age. All ages for classes are approximate. Some classes may require approval from the Dance Director.



Girls:  Leggings and form-fitting shirt or leotard.

Boys:  Comfortable pants and t-shirt

Non-binary:  Comfortable pants and t-shirt


Students signing up for Intermediate and Advanced classes should have previous experience. 


Ballet/Lyrical for Theater:  

Ballet training is an important part of dance and musical theater training. Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and musical theater dance are all based on ballet technique. Ballet can be found in many musicals including "Oklahoma!", "Carousel", "Brigadoon," "West Side Story", and "An American In Paris". Classes will consist of a warm-up and stretch, barre, and center work. Lyrical teaches the student to portray emotions through movement.


Hip Hop:  

Hip Hop classes will teach the street dance styles that are showing up in contemporary theater in musicals such as "Hamilton", "In The Heights", and "Bring It On.".


Jazz dance is a technique that may refer to classic jazz or to Broadway or theatrical jazz. Commercial jazz, which has been popular since the 1980s, combines aspects of hip hop and jazz and is often done to pop music. These classes will focus on warm-ups, stretching, basic steps, and proper technique. This class is best when taken in conjunction with a ballet class. 



Advanced Jazz/Contemporary:  

This is an hour and a half jazz and contemporary dance technique class for the experienced dancer. These classes will focus on warm-ups, stretching, and flexibility, leaps, turns, advanced technique, steps, and choreography.



Tap Dance an integral part of a musical theater that can be seen in class shows like "Anything Goes" and "42nd Street." This class will focus on warm-up, basic steps, technique, coordination, and musicality.

Musical Theater:  

Musical theater is a style used in Broadway musicals that relies heavily on a knowledge of ballet, tap, and jazz. This class will focus on warm-ups, combinations from musicals, and the proper technique to perform them.

Introduction to Theater Arts:  

A fun introduction to singing, acting and dancing for ages 4-6. Students will learn songs, basic movement, and acting games.

Combination Classes  


Introduction to Musical Theater Jazz & Tap Dance:

This class teaches the basics of jazz and tap all in one class.

Beginner/Intermediate Jazz & Tap Dance:

This class teaches the basics of jazz and tap all in one class.




Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba takes the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Enjoy a variety of dance styles while you exercise and have fun!  




MTC Godspell Rehearsal, actors sitting and reading through music scores

Group Music: 

Group Vocals is an opportunity for singers of all ages and experience to sing their favorite songs, increase their music theory knowledge, and grow as vocalists and musicians! A group environment will provide experience in harmony and ensemble singing, but the small student-teacher ratio will ensure that individual voices are always heard.